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Our Brewhouse in Carmel

knott.pngA native of Columbus, IN, Lead Brewer Chris Knott began homebrewing in 2008 in Athens, GA, when he was a Manufacturing Engineer.  Chris became entrenched in the fantastic beer and food scene in Athens, and he was greatly influenced by the beers coming out of Terrapin and the wonderful selection of draft beers available at Trappeze Pub.  Chris decided to make a career change when he saw a Sam Adams commercial where Jim Koch said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Chris began his professional career at Ram in downtown Indianapolis in 2010 as the assistant brewer.  Shortly after being promoted to Head Brewer, Chris left Ram after three years to become the Head Brewer and help launch Scarlet Lane where he oversaw production of Dorian Stout, Vivian Red IPA and developed Saison de Silas. Chris was a significant part of Scarlet Lane’s achievement of three medals at the 2014 Indiana Brewers’ Cup after only being in operation for 2-months.

Since joining Flix, Chris has won 3 more medals at the 2015 Indiana Brewers' Cup as well as earning both his and Flix Brewhouse's first Great American Beer Festival medal (silver) in 2015 with his Generation Altbier in the German Alt-bier category.

10DayCard.png LunaCard.png
A dark amber ale that focuses on the rich, nutty flavors of the malted barley it is made from. Malty and lightly sweet with a smooth, clean finish.  Our Luna Rosa Wit is subtly spiced with coriander and rather than the orange peels traditionally added to Wits, we’ve added a puree of blood oranges, giving this unique beer a pink hue and refreshing citrus character.
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A light golden ale that starts lightly sweet and has a crisp and dry finish. Medium bodied, so it is satisfying for any palate and is extremely easy to drink.  An amber colored American IPA with the perfect balance between malt and the citrus and floral notes of American hops. 
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Loaded with tropical and citrus flavors, Nebulas features Citra and Mosaic hops to create an out of this world, easy-drinking IPA.

Brewed with an abundance of chocolate malts, this stout gets its robust flavor from deeply roasted barley and a touch of natural cacao nibs.