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The Flix team is dedicated to doing our part to help stem the spreading of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). While no measure can 100% prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus, we've spent substantial time planning and implementing enhanced safety and germ-killing protocols. Below is a list of many of the preventative measures we are taking:

Guest hand-washing

We have posted new signs in all public restrooms, outlining the recommended steps from the CDC for effective hand-washing.

Team member hand-washing

All team members have been retrained regarding hand washing processes as well as when recurring hand washing should happen.

Sanitizing eating surfaces

All team members have been trained to sanitize all eating surfaces between each guest visit and a new logging system has been implemented to ensure each surface is sanitized.

Restroom sanitation

The cadence for restroom cleaning has been updated to every 60 minutes and logs have been implemented to ensure effective cleaning occurs each hour.

Professional cleaning services

Each Flix location receives a professional deep cleaning and sanitizing of our restrooms and public areas daily.

Independent food safety audits

In addition to our own daily and weekly self-audits, Flix has a third party food safety organization performing quarterly audits of our kitchen, food preparation and brewery areas.

Auditorium preparedness

We have increased the time between showtimes so that we can allot more time to perform additional sanitizing in each auditorium.

Team-member monitoring

Flix has implemented single use thermometers to monitor any team members that may begin feeling ill. Any team member showing any flu-like symptom is immediately instructed to stay home.