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Join the Circle and Earn Rewards

Register now and you'll get all of these great rewards.

  • A 10% off discount for food and non-alcoholic beverages will be applied to your account for use on your first visit with us using The Circle (excludes kids meals)
  • A free ticket on your birthday, good for 30 days
  • Earn points when you spend money at Flix to use for future discounts
  • Merchandise discounts
  • Advance information and special screening access Special limited time promotions not available to the general public

    * Excludes Mansfield, TX. See here for Mansfield's rewards program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about The Circle.

What is it?

The Circle is our way of thanking and rewarding you for being a Flix fan! Simply sign in when you go online to purchase tickets through our website or join in person at your Flix Brewhouse location.  As a member of The Circle, you’ll earn points redeemable for future discounts and receive additional perks throughout the year.

I just signed up, can I get prior purchases I made added to my account?

Unfortunately, only purchases made after signing up are eligible for your Circle account.

How much does it cost?

Unlike some movie chains, there’s no program fee. Even better, as a bonus for joining The Circle you get a 10% discount on your next visit (within 60 days) and earn a free ticket on your birthday.

Why would Flix do that for us?

We love our fans! We know once you try Flix Brewhouse, you’ll be hooked and we want to reward you every time you enjoy Flix!

Do I have to deal with another plastic card?

Absolutely not.  Who wants another card in their wallet anyway, right? All you need is your phone number and you’re good to go.

How do I earn points?
  • If you’re buying tickets on our website, make sure you log in as a Circle member before you purchase to earn points for your tickets. Or, when you visit Flix Brewhouse, just let your server or box office host know your loyalty number (it’s your phone number) and every qualifying purchase earns you points. For every dollar you spend on movie tickets, food and non-alcoholic beverages (tax not included), you’ll earn 5 points.
    For every dollar spent on movies, food and non-alcoholic beverages, guests will receive 5 points towards their point total
  • Loyalty member must meet point minimum in order to advance to the next loyalty tier
  • Points will sunset after 24 months
  • Gift cards will also be available to purchase with points online or at the box office
What can I do with points?

Your points can be redeemed for discounts on future visits to any Flix Brewhouse. Every 100 points earned can be redeemed for $1 off tickets at the box office only or on food and beverage purchases.

Can I use my points for beer, wine or mixed drinks?

You can use your points on any tickets, food or non-alcoholic beverage purchases only. You will not earn points when you purchase alcohol or gift cards.

Do I get points for booking private events?

At this time, only individual purchases are eligible for earning points. 

Are there volume restrictions when purchasing tickets?

You may earn points on any ticket purchase up to 10 tickets per show. Any additional tickets purchased over 10 are not eligible to earn points.

How do I earn tiered status?

As of Jan. 1, 2020, status is determined by visits and points. Instead of reaching tiered status one time, you’ll be able to earn status on an annual basis and get all the associated perks every year.

In addition, we lowered the point requirement for each tiered status and added a visit minimum. Status can only be reached if both the number of visits and points earned meet or exceed the minimum. Status is based on points earned in a 12 month period.

What's considered a visit?

In order to reach tiered status, you’re required to meet the visit minimum. All first run films as well as Flix Pick titles (Alternative Content, Flix FanFest, Flix Junior, etc.) will count towards visit total.

  • Visits are calculated by each showtime, not ticket quantity
  • Visits will reset Jan. 1st every calendar year
  • In the event of a refund, the visit will be taken off the total
  • Tickets purchased from third party movie ticketing sites will not count towards visit total. Qualifying visits must be purchased at our box office or through
Do my points expire?

Unused points expire 24 months after date earned. Redemptions are applied to your oldest earned and unused points within the preceding 24 month period. Some discounts and promotions within the program will have shorter expiration time periods. Be sure to visit Flix Brewhouse often and take advantage of the rewards you’ve earned.

Can I get points if I forget to give my loyalty information during a visit?

We allow a three-day grace period from the date of purchase to bring your receipt in to have points added back into your account after a visit. Please stop by the box office so we can add your points for you. Unfortunately, transactions made prior to signing up for the program are not eligible for the three-day grace period.

Do I earn points for ticket purchases through third party websites (Fandango, Google, Atom Tickets,, etc.)?

Unfortunately no. We always recommend purchasing your tickets directly through so you can reserve your seat and earn your points.

How do I track my points?

When you login at our website, you will see how many loyalty points and for which different rewards you are eligible. If you’re in our theater, your receipt will show your total balance of points after you have paid.

Can I transfer points?

Circle points are designed to reward YOU for being awesome! So any points earned on your account will be locked to your account.

Are there other restrictions?

When you purchase gift cards and alcohol, you do not earn points. All other purchases paid with cash or credit cards earn points. If you’re using your points to pay, you do not earn points for the dollars discounted with points.

What other perks do I get with The Circle?

In addition to earning points, you can score a free ticket to use during the month of your birthday. You’ll also receive a 10% off discount to be used on your next visit after you sign up  (kids meals not eligible for 10% discount). You will also receive discounts on special alternative content showings throughout the year. Periodically, some movie studios even allow access to priority showings before movies are released, which only our loyalty members will be permitted to attend.  Plus as you accumulate points, you can earn Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum status, which entitles you to extra perks. 

Can I save my 10% off introductory discount?

The discount is automatically applied upon providing your phone number to your Circle account on your first visit after signing up and expires 60 days after signing up if it goes unused, so use it soon or you’ll lose it! Note: kids meals are not eligible for 10% discount

I signed up but never got an email with a 10% coupon. What gives?

Your 10% off discount is actually digital and is already in your account. When you tell your server that you are a loyalty member upon your first visit to Flix after signing up, your 10% digital discount will automatically be applied to qualifying food and beverage items for you.

When do I start earning rewards?

Immediately! Once you sign up, every qualifying purchase will be added to your rewards account.

How does my birthday ticket work?

On your birthday, a voucher for a free ticket will appear in your account! You can use this ticket either online or at the box office for any 2D showing on the following 30 days after your birthday (note: not all films are eligible for the free birthday ticket). Upon selecting a valid showing and logging into your account online, you’ll select “Free Birthday Ticket” in the ticket type screen. If unused during the 30 day timespan, the perk will expire and go away until your next birthday. Make sure you pick something you want to see because we can’t transfer or exchange these tickets once they’re booked.

What do I get when I achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum status?

Once you earn 1,000 points with a 5 visit minimum, you will achieve Bronze status. Bronze status includes (1) Bonus free movie ticket – valid 30 days from date earned (*restrictions apply). You also will receive a free cookie dessert – valid for 30 days. These will automatically be applied to your account.

Once you’ve hit 2,500 points with a 10 visit minimum, you will achieve Silver status. You’ll receive all the perks with Bronze plus (3) free popcorn vouchers (valid 90 days) and (1) additional birthday ticket to use on your birthday (*restrictions apply). 

At 5,000 points and a 15 visit minimum you’ll be considered Gold status. You’ll receive all the perks that come with Silver and Bronze status, plus Free Movies for a Month! Yep, you read that right. You’ll be to see free movies for an entire month (*restrictions apply). In addition, your online booking fee is waived and you’ll receive free popcorn with each visit. 

When you earn 10,000 points with a 25 visit minimum, you’ll reach our coveted Platinum status! This comes with all the perks of Gold members plus a much coveted ‘Companion Pass’ - 2 for 1 movie tickets valid through the period of Platinum eligibility (*restrictions apply). You’ll also receive free popcorn and soda with every visit.

*Valid only on 2D movie tickets, no special engagements, 3D or pass-restricted films

Are there any other restrictions?

Flix team members are not eligible for The Circle program. Any accounts with fraudulent activity will be removed by Flix management, the account will be suspended permanently and the points will no longer be available. Flix Brewhouse reserves the right to change or modify the rewards, redemption values, or terms of the program at any time, or to void accounts at the sole discretion of Flix Brewhouse.

Some restrictions apply, subject to availability, limited to Monday-Thursdays only.