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It takes a lot of skilled story-tellers in Hollywood to create big screen magic. But when it all comes together at Flix Brewhouse, it can rock your world. It’s epic. We believe in delivering every nuance, laugh, thrill and chill in complete comfort, with the right kind of visual and surround-sound audio that makes your hair stand up at just the right time. And we are ninjas in the dark, catering to your every need, to make sure you don’t miss a minute of it. It’s how we do movies.


Our food is focused on big flavors -- created by talented culinarians who want you to remember the tastes, textures and aromas long after you’ve finished up.  To keep your eyes and ears on the big screen, we believe that food should be made for the senses to enjoy in the dark.  We feature hand-tossed pizzas, tasty burgers and wings, as well as other tempting and made-fresh fare, baked, grilled and crafted in-house, then served like the best supporting actor who steals the show. That’s how we do food.


In the universe of craft beer, the creativity flows from real pros called brewmasters. We’ve got some of the best and they knock it out of the park brewing stellar beer almost every day, putting their own twist on malt, hops and yeast to mastermind Flix’s award-winning brews. We’re fortunate to have some of the most skilled brewers in the country who recognize and understand our particular brand of magic. We believe beer is best when enjoyed fresh from the barrel and that every ounce should be savored and shared with family and friends. That’s how we do beer.

Dosing out happiness doesn’t just stop when the film ends.  We pour our hearts into each other and our guests every day and pay homage to crafters of all kinds who draw us into their stories for just a little while.  We are purveyors of good times.  Come to Flix Brewhouse and enjoy.

We brew up to 12 of our own beers at any time and offer dozens of other draft beers for guests to enjoy. We also offer an extensive wine selection and a variety of specialty non-alcoholic drinks. The Flix pub is open seven days a week to the public, no ticket required, so you can come in and grab a bite to eat or have a locally brewed beer anytime!


Address: Oklahoma City, 8450 Broadway Extension, Oklahoma City, OK, 73114

Box-Office: (405) 766-5900

Opening Hours: 10am-11pm Weekdays, 9am-2am Weekends