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Erin Brockovich Poster
Erin Brockovich
R 2h 24m

Directed by: Steven Soderbergh

Stars: Julia Roberts, Aaron Eckhart, Marg Helgenberger, Scotty Leavenworth

Synopsis: A real woman. A real story. A real triumph. Julia Roberts stars as Erin Brockovich, a feisty young mother who fought for justice any way she knew how. Desperate for a job to support herself and her three children, she convinces attorney Ed Masry (Albert Finney) to hire her and promptly stumbles upon a monumental case against a giant corporation. Now Erin's determined to take on this powerful adversary even though no law firm has dared to do it before. And while Ed doesn't want anything to do with the case, Erin won't take "no" for an answer. So the two begin an incredible and sometimes hilarious fight that will bring a small town to its feet and a huge company to its knees.
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